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Resilient Parents 

We understand that parenting can be a challenging journey filled with various experiences. Our mission is to support and empower parents like you to navigate the complexities of parenting with resilience, confidence, and self-care.

Whether you're facing the demands of raising children, balancing work and family life, or managing parenting-related stress, we offer comprehensive programs and resources designed to help you thrive.

Supporting Your Wellbeing

At The Resilient Academy, we believe that nurturing your well-being as a parent is essential for building resilient families. We provide a range of workshops, coaching sessions, and resources to help you cultivate your own resilience and emotional strength. By taking care of yourself, you can better support your children's growth and development.

Where do I start?  I had a call with Ashley after messaging through WhatsApp, the phone call was arranged within days of contacting her-amazing!  I was having parent separation anxiety problems, my daughter is starting Preschool in a couple of weeks. A dreadful experience a few months ago left me with fear, dread & lots of other emotions.  I had reached out to many friends & family members to talk but I just felt I needed to speak to someone ‘who knew what they were talking about’ and wow! Ashley really does!  There were light bulb moments, so much understanding, sympathy (which really helped) suggestions, and help with moving forward! The phone call instantly lifted huge weights off my shoulders and gave me the confidence to ask for what we needed regarding Settling my daughter in at Preschool.  She is absolutely amazing!!! I felt like I had known her all my life after a couple of mins on the phone.  If you’re struggling with anything in your family life, this is the place to be. Reach out and ask for help!  I am so so glad I did!! Thank you so so much Ashley.  Emma Brookes

I highly recommend Ashley's service, she is patient and she explains very well the steps to accomplish a goal, she helped me a lot.  Thank you.  Chamsi Dib

Building Strong Foundations

Our programs focus on establishing a solid foundation of resilience in parents. We understand the unique challenges parents face, such as self-doubt, guilt, and overwhelming responsibilities. We provide practical strategies and tools to help you navigate these challenges effectively. Through self-reflection, self-care practices, and embracing self-compassion, we empower parents to find balance, enhance their parenting skills, and foster positive family dynamics.

Resilient Parents Resources

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