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Building Resilience in Children

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Resilient Kids

We are committed to supporting the emotional well-being and resilience of children. Our goal is to empower children like yours to navigate life's challenges, build inner strength, and thrive. Whether your child is facing academic pressures, social difficulties, or emotional hurdles, we provide comprehensive programs and resources designed specifically for children's unique needs.

Nurturing Resilience

We believe in nurturing resilience in children from an early age. We offer a range of interactive workshops, engaging activities, and personalized support to help children develop the skills they need to bounce back from adversity and flourish.

 Strong Foundations

Through age-appropriate tools and strategies, we help children develop emotional intelligence, positive coping mechanisms, and problem-solving skills. We focus on fostering a growth mindset and encouraging self-expression. 

Fun and Engaging 

Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. We always incorporate playful elements. These include storytelling, and creative exercises to make the learning experience unforgettable. As a result the work we do will have a bigger impact. 

"Resilient Kid is run by a heart-led practitioner who cares deeply about meeting the needs of those she works with. I unreservedly recommend Ashley's services and greatly admire her as a fellow professional working in the youth sector.  - Wils Struthers

"After following Ashley on social media and witnessing her practical tips during lockdown, I sought her help when my 11-year-old had a tough transition to high school. My son's confidence and relationships with teachers and peers improved with weekly online meetings. After eight weeks, he became a happier and more confident student, and we know Ashley is there for us if needed. Thanks, Ashley!"  - Michelle Collins

Resources for Resilient Kids

Explore our wide range of courses and resources tailored specifically for children. Prices start from £0

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