A Parents Course to Raising a Resilient Kid

The Resilient Kid - A Parents Course 

Learn parenting secrets to build confident and resilient kids.

Two weeks. 15 minutes a day. Zero overwhelm.

Just £195

Parenting is hard but this course will make it easier.

Ashley knows her stuff and she demonstrates a keen desire to really help in a practical way by giving people the knowledge and tools to make a difference with their own child - Catherine Sandland

You are bombarded with conflicting messages about what You SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is right for your family.

When your child is struggling with their mental health, getting in trouble at school or not listening at home, you feel frustrated that everything you do, every hoop you jump through and every single sticker chart you try hasn’t worked. 

  • What are you doing wrong? 
  • Why can’t your children be like those perfect angels on social media? 
  • How do some parents seem to have it all together? 

Well firstly, they don’t. No parent is perfect but the good news is you don’t have to be anyway. In fact your child only needs one adult to get it right 30% of the time. This means you can stop beating yourself up. 

You are already enough.

But the more we learn about your child's developing brain the easier it is to smash that 30%. 

And that’s what this course is for. 

So many of the old myths and ideas about parenting have been disproved by research time and time again and yet we still hold ourselves to these old expectations.  

No more!

This course is for parents who understand that there is a gap in their kids' resilience and want to give them the strongest foundations in life so they can manage the curve balls that will inevitably come their way in life.

This course covers; 

Module 1  - The Foundations 

We need a new understanding of resilience. The old way is outdated. It isn’t something we either have or haven’t got. Resilience is something we can build, by actively nurturing this in our kids we not only make the parenting journey easier but we future proof the next generation.

We also need to understand how the brain works so we  can walk them through their own emotions. We can let go of the idea of ‘naughty’ children and instead teach them how manage those big  feelings 

Module 2 - Emotional Regulation 

Short but powerful activities to help you manage your own big feelings around parenting.When we are able to regulate our own emotions we can model this to our children even in the toughest of times, creating a calm and compassionate home where everyone can thrive. 

Module 3 - The components of resilience

There are 7 separate elements that contribute to a resilient kid, in this module I break them down into bite size chunks with practical tools for each one. 

  • Be confident 
  • Feel they belong 
  • Understand boundaries 
  • Take responsibility 
  • Enjoy being part of a wider community 
  • Find their purpose 
  • Learn to take care of themselves 

In this course you will get  instant, practical access to the latest most relevant research to parenting today so you don’t have to keep second guessing your choices. 

You will be able to set expectations for your children that will allow them to thrive and have clear, easy activities that WILL work. 

Parenting isn’t all about cooking, washing and arguing about homework.  All we really need to do is walk our children home. 

Together we can build a generation of resilient kids ready to make the world a better place.  

Remember this is just two weeks. 15 minutes a day. Zero overwhelm. 

Just £195


How does the course work? 

Each lesson has a video that is less than 10 minutes, if you haven’t got  the time to sit and watch you can just listen to the audio. 

Each lesson has a Parent Q’s  that you can download with clear actions you can take. The intention of these are to make implementing this simple and everyday parenting easier. 

Will the course  work for my kid? 

By looking at the components of resilience you are able to identify what YOUR child needs. You are the expert on your kids and this course will give you the information and practical activities to give them what they need. 

What if it doesn’t work? 

I am so confident in the content of this course I am happy to give parents a full refund if the course has been completed and the practical activities. 

This is the time. 

Parenting doesn’t have to be so hard. In just two weeks time you will have knowledge of all the parenting secrets so you can build confident and resilient kids without the overwhelm. 

Your children will thank you for it.

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